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  4. Kiss Me Once Tour thoughts

    Kylie Minogue Excitement Post!

    Out of the 24 song setlist 6 songs will be featured from KMO. She’s already performed 7 in promotion: Into the Blue, Sexercise, Sexy Love, I Was Gonna Cancel, Beautiful, Les Sex, & Kiss Me Once. It would be a shame if If Only, Fine, Million Miles, & Feels So Good never got a live performance, not to mention the B-sides; I remember her mentioning being eager to perform Mr. President in an interview.

    The 80’s Section: The original PWL sounds are going to be wild! The SAW era was Kylie, Enjoy Yourself, Rhythm of Love, and Let’s Get To It, so the obvious choices would include Locomotion, I Should Be So Lucky, Hand On Your Heart, Better the Devil You Know, Shocked, Step Back In Time, & What Do I Have To Do (I’ll be surprised whatever is included from Let’s Get To It since it’s such a funky & under-appreciated album). I bet this will be an insane medley section and Steve Anderson will outdo the Everything Taboo section from both Showgirls and the Kylie USA tour. I would love to hear some Made In Heaven, I Guess I Like it Like That, and Enjoy Yourself. Ideally it would be a mini-mega-medley of all the sounds a la Kylie’s Nonstop 50+1.

    Covers: I have no idea what it could be. Past covers have included Je’taime, If You Don’t Love Me, The Crying Game, Vogue, Should I Stay or Should I Go, Love Train, Dance to the Music. A ballad is my only guess, because they give a chance to show off her voice. If I could pick it would be a Hot Chip song like One Life Stand—my dream is a Hot Chip produced Kylie album!

    iTunes festival & the eventual American leg: 1 pm western time Kylie’s gonna have a high quality performance streamed from London: I’ll definitely need to watch this over and over again to get through the interminable wait before Kylie touches down in California for the American leg. Strip it down, we don’t care as long as you come! How can you resist another Hollywood Bowl spectacular?!

    Suffice to say, I’m gonna be riding Kiss Me Once Tour Kylie-fever until next year’s Madonna album. SO EXCITED.

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    Madonna in a big Fruit Roll-up

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    Madonna Official 2015 calendar.

    Work that bottle like it’s 1990

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